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    Justin Sullivan







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    Single (Widowed)


    United States

  • The one thing I am most passionate about:

    I am a down to earth, intelligent and caring man with an excellent sense of humor; I think I am a very fair and level headed person who believes strongly in open and honest communication, and I am a very compassionate and caring person, who believes in helping my partner achieve their goals and dreams. I’m a truly decent person, and know how to treat others very, very well. I’m blessed with a good brain and can offer a lot to a partner intellectually. I also have a quick wit and great sense of humor, also from the good brain. I have a lot of love to give, and am capable of unconditional love. If I fall for someone, there’s very little I won’t do for them.


    Emotionally, Im a ”glass half full” sort of man. I try to make the best of things, even if they are not so great. Also, I’m a great friend and listener. I don’t hold grudges and really just like to move forward. At times, I can be not so romantic, romantic, and then VERY romantic. Not only do I remember important dates but I know the value of the not so important ones. What I mean is that most everyone enjoys flowers on a special day, but flowers at the beginning of the week, just because, will definitely make for a great week and get the office’s attention, right? It could be quite simple or a little more steamy and sexy, who knows, but it will be fun thinking and wondering what could be next.


    As for the intimacy part, you’ll just have to wait on the answer for that except I will say that I am a giver, not a taker and usually very attentive. I tend to gravitate to you if you are smart, have a positive attitude, and are confident in your abilities and your appearance. I also like when you can communicate, observe and adapt those observations.You may have goals in life such as education, children or travel, and I am open to all of those things. Ultimately, I hope you can just relax and enjoy the moment… AND ME!. Oh, if you have a GREAT smile, you do get bonus points! I am willing to do just about anything for the people I care about.


    So if you have an interest in an emotionally stable, attentive male, with communication skills, who has to ability to romance and raise your male temperature a notch or two, and can be a whole lot of fun to wrap your body around… well maybe you should write me or respond to me.. I’m fun to be around, and can always make you smile… GUARANTEED!

    Things I am looking for in a person are:

    I am looking to share my life with someone. she might not have to be as passionate about her faith as I am but she would have to love God. I am looking for a woman who I could treat like a princess. I would love to spoil her with love. I am looking for my slow dancer. I am looking for my best friend. I am looking for someone I can stand in the presence of God and promise to love forever. I would love to be a model Christian couple. I would want people to look at us and want what we have. I want the whole world to know how much I love the woman in my life. You can call me a hopeless romantic, but I’m a Christian. I’m very much a hopeful romantic man looking for a fun loving woman, whose smile lights up the room when she enters a room. Someone who is secure with herself and knows what she wants. A woman who enjoys life to its fullest and wants to share that with someone special. One who enjoys a quiet evening at home in front of the fireplace sharing good conversation as well as an evening out on the town. A loving, caring, and spiritual woman. someone who has good moral values and is serious in regards to the Christian faith. Also, I want someone who is straight forward, honest and doesn’t play games. The most important quality in a woman for me is that she is beautiful on the inside, a compassionate, kind heart, at the end of the day is the most attractive thing of all. My prayer is to find such a woman with whom I can share life’s adventures, big and small, who doesn’t mind being treated like a lady, likes experiencing new things and new places from time to time, someone who is active and wants to live life to the full but who also can find inspiration and gratitude in the everyday.

  • Interests

    Music, Business, Dogs, Decorating

    Ideal First Date

    A nice lunch or dinner. A nice conversation that doesn't get too deep too fast, just to get a feel of how we interact while getting to know a bit about each other. Has to be a lot of laughter. When the conversation goes really well, lots of eye contact, uncontrollable smiling, that kind of stuff, then you cancel going to the movie you were planning on seeing. It's a great first date if I can't stop thinking about her all the way home and all the next day.

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