Whether your town drops the ball, a pickle or some other object to ring in the New Year everyone partakes in one common theme; new year’s resolutions. This time-honored tradition may not be for you, but it does have some advantages. The main one being self-improvement. As a Catholic single, you have the unique opportunity to tailor some resolutions that fit your current station in life. Here are a few suggestions. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below.

Strengthen the most important friendship of all

“Greater love has no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends….” (John 15:13) Those are the words of Jesus Christ, the best friend we will ever have. Regardless of where life’s journeys take us and no matter who we encounter while on this earth, no one can ever match the Jesus Christ has shown for each and every one of us.

Christ calls us into a personal relationship with him/ It is a relationship like no other. It is easy for us to think of Jesus as our Savior, as the Messiah and as the King of kings…but a friend? Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI tells us:

“The Lord wishes to make each of us a disciple who lives in personal friendship with him. To achieve this, it is not enough to follow him and to listen to him outwardly: it is also necessary to live with him and like him. This is only possible in the context of a relationship of deep familiarity, imbued with the warmth of total trust.”

The best way to achieve this is by entering into daily prayer with our Lord. Make prayer time a conversation time with your best friend.

Attend a Catholic retreat or event

Opportunities abound when it comes to increases your knowledge of the Catholic faith. Take advantage of local offering when Catholic speakers are at a nearby event. These events can be life-changing experiences. They also afford wonderful opportunities to meet Catholics from all walks of life. Don’t let these opportunities for spiritual growth and renewal pass you by.

Pray for your future spouse

This one may seem a little odd but if you feel called to the vocation of marriage, say a brief daily prayer for the intentions of your future spouse. You may not even have a clue who that is but remember, God does. You could pray for his or her safety, protection, grace, wisdom, career, and family. You can also pray that God lead the two of you together in his own time and according to his plan.

Pray a novena or the Rosary…or just simply pray

A solid prayer life is often the anchor needed in some of life’s worst storms. Pray, bring peace of mind and heart and builds that relationship we described in our first suggested resolution. When a person has a strong prayer life they are in tune with God so to speak. We can achieve this is many ways. The practice of Lectio Divina or prayer the Scripture readings is one way. Search the internet for novenas to your favorite saints. After all, they have won the race and are cheering us on from the grandstands in heaven. Try to pray the Rosary daily. There is no better pray to get your mind focused on the life of Christ then the Rosary.

We hope you find these suggestions helpful. Strengthening your spiritual life is always a great idea. With this helpful tips, you will be well on the way to a new you in 2017. May God Bless your efforts this year and every year.

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